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we've lost another legend. we begin this afternoon with breaking news. the queen of disco has died. "tmz" says donna summer died today in florida after a bat billion cancer. source -- battle with cancer, sources close to summer say the singer was trying to keep her illness a secret. the five time grammy winner was
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63 years old. donna summer, dead. thank you for joining us, i'm j.c. hayward. washington, d.c. came to a standstill and all you could hear was chuck brown on the air waves. the godfather of go-go died at johns hopkins hospital yesterday. he had been battling pneumonia. he was 75 years old. delia goncalves takes a look at how fans are remembering the legend. >> reporter: we are in a studios of pgc where the deejays and fans are remembering the life and music of chuck brown. >> we are here to celebrate 30 years of go-go today. we want to take your phone calls. >> reporter: dedicating yet another day to d.c. icon and music legend chuck brown, memories from the personalities. >> this man does he really touches so many people and i don't think it's just the music, it's his personality. >> you think about chuck brown not a music that he didn't touch. he had a gospel song. >> reporter: the fans phoning in. >> i'm almost 50 years old and
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he's always been a part of my life. i knew when i heard his music that i was going to have a good time. >> it cost in 25 cents -- that was between '70 and '74. >> how you doing today? >> i'm all right, better than yesterday you know. had the get them tears out you know. >> reporter: the deejay was on the air yesterday when the news hit. he said chuck brown inspired him to get into the music business. with the man gone his music and legacy live on. >> some of us older go-go heads are going to have to come back and mold some more for the younger so we can make sure that the legacy of chuck brown and the music that he started continues forever. ♪ >> my thing shakes all right? it's shake, it's shake, go to. rest in peace chuck brown. we love you. >> our coverage continues online and at, you can learn more about how go-go
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music began and you can also read about brown's legacy. and we also have a photo gallery of chuck brown. through the years, and we would like for you to share your thoughts by visiting our facebook page. an autopsy is being performed to determine exactly how mary candidid. the estranged wife of -- kennedy died. the estranged wife of only f. kennedy was found dead in her new york home yesterday. she battled addictions in the past and she and her husband were in the middle of a divorce. he's the son of senator robert f. kennedy. friends and neighbors are in shock. >> so there's a great sadness about this. a great sadness about this. it really is. because she had a lot of friends here. she has a lot of friends here. still. >> mary kennedy was 52 years old. she leaves behind four children. later today, we could learn the identity of a man found
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shot inside a car in fairfax county. he died overnight. police were called to san leandro place in mount vernon. that's where they found a man described to be in his 40s with several gunshot wounds. medics rushed him to the hospital, but he later died. right now, police do not have a suspect or a motive. according to prosecutors, the murder of a marine by another marine in the district was a hate crime. lance corporal philip bushong was stabbed to death in the barracks last month. prosecutors said jed that he was -- yesterday that he was stabbed by michael poth after poth saw him hug a gay friend. poth then yelled a homophobic slur and the two men began fighting and that led to the stabbing. poth remains if jail awaiting trial. the d.c. city council voted to exempt its employees from
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background checks on criminal and credit history. the "washington examiner" reports that some of these employees handle sensitive city government documents. d.c. mayor vincent gray has no plans to seek a similar exemption he says for executive branch employees. last year, mayor gray ordered more thorough screenings of his top aides after the criminal pasts of some of his appointees made headlines. testimony is over and attorneys are presenting their final arguments in the criminal case against john edwards. dick brennan reports that the case will likely go to the jury before the end of this week. >> reporter: john edwards arrived at court for the final phase of the criminal trial. he's charged with violating campaign finance laws to cover- up his extramarital affair. during the government's closing arguments, the prosecutor said by having the affair edwards had planted quote the seeds of destruction. that could derail his presidential campaign. to preserve his political
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ambition the prosecutor said edwards would quote deny, deceive, manipulate. >> there's enough evidence and it's been corroborated by independent evidence. >> reporter: after the prosecution the defense will have two hours for closing arguments, his attorneys rested their case on wednesday without calling edwards to the stand or his mistress rielle hunter. at the heart of the case are secret payments from wealthy supporters of john edwards. prosecutors claimed the money went to hide the candidate's affair so it wouldn't derail the run for the white house. but the defense says the money was a gift and nevada intended -- never intended to influence the jury. >> his motivation was to hide first the fact that he had an affair and second that he was the father of this child. >> reporter: edwards' daughter never testified. in the end, the defense took less than three days to present its side. the jury is expected to begin
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its deliberations on friday. dick brennan for cbs news, greensboro, south carolina. >> the question now is did the prosecution make its case? and what are edwards' chances of going free? i have attorney debbie hines, a former prosecute and founder of to answer some of the questions, what do you think? >> i think this is a tough case for the prosecution. anytime the prosecution tries to overreach and overstep what are really its boundaries they always have a hard time with getting a conviction. and that's exactly what this case is about. in terms of violations of the campaign finance laws. we heard a lot about sex baby mama drama, stealing, cheating, laying and everything -- lying specificking else but i'm -- lying and everything else but i'm not sure that they made their case that john edwards willfully and knowingly violated the campaign finance laws. >> let's talk about the defense. edwards did not testify.
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rielle hunter, the baby mama, did not testify. and even his daughter who was in the courtroom every day sitting behind him. she didn't testify. why did the defense take this position? >> that was the smartest thing they could do jc. because they focused in on what the prosecution didn't focus in on. what the prosecution had to prove. they focused in on campaign finance violations. they had a very boring case. they showed two compelling documents. one was a document from the federal election commission that said a memo from july of 2011 that said there was no violations. of the million dollar. another one was -- an internal opinion from the justice department that said when you go after these cases, make sure that there's no doubt and that the federal election commission has said that there's a violation. >> as you were betting a woman and i know you're not -- >> no. >> you're not. what would you say. what's going to be the outcome
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do you think of this case? >> anytime you have a jury trial, it's always rolling the dice so we speak. and you never really know. i think that both sides had some good, some bad. but if i were a betting person, i'd go with the defense. >> wouldn't you say though that the jury always wants to hear from the person that's been charged? from edwards, they were looking to hear from him? don't they want to hear him defend himself? >> i any in this case it would not have helped one bit. what could he have said that would make any difference to them and that they would have believed from him? i don't think it would have mattered here. >> we should know maybe by the end of the week. maybe friday, monday. >> the jury goes out on friday. >> maybe the beginning of next week. thank you for being if us. >> great seeing you. all right, nasa's shuttle plan is over but that isn't stopping american astronauts from hitching a ride to work on the international space station. >> president obama will host
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world leaders in a weekend of back-to-back summits. i'm susan mcginnis in washington, i'll have a preview coming up.
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gunfire near the israel gaza border left serve palestinians wounded. three of the victims with believed to be farmers. one witness says the farmers were planting when the shelling started. they say the farmers left their donkeys and planting behind when the explosions started.
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the palestinian witness blames israeli army for the violence. three astronauts on the soyuz spacecraft arrived at the international space station overnight. the two russians and one american joined the current three person space station crew. they are awaiting the arrival of the first privately owned cargo ship to come to the station. coming up next, howard has the forecast. >> j. c., it's a gorgeous day out here. the dryer air has moved in. we'll talk about how long it's going stick around and we need a break from the allergens. enough already. check out the allergy count just came in. grass pollen is very high. seed pollen high and the grass pollen is like six times higher than yesterday. mold spores also high. i'll have the forecast looking ahead through the weekend when we return.
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you can make this a date. $600 value. paramotor tours operates this adventure. if you need a new desktop computer this one could be for you. best buy's deal of the day, an hp pavilion slimline desktop. it comes with 6 gigs of memory. 750 gig hard drive. also a new keyboard. the price, $349.99 plus free shipping. a savings of $100; just note that a monitor is not included. if you have an offer you've seen or if you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. i'm jessica doyle, 9news now. leaders from around the world will join president barack obama for a weekend of back-to-back summits at camp david. susan mcginnis reports that europe's economic crisis and the decades long war in
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afghanistan are among the topics. >> reporter: security is tight ahead of this weekend's double summit. first, the leaders of the world's eight largest economies will meet at camp david tomorrow. at the top of the agenda -- europe's economic crisis. there are worries gross could pull out of the european union threatening the region's monetary system. >> the euro could disappear and if the euro disappears, there is the dangerous that the whole european union as such will disappear as well. >> reporter: but opinions vary on how to solve the european crisis. british prime minister cameron says the eu is running out of time. >> it either hard to make up or looking at a potential breakup. that's the choice they have to make and it's a choice they cannot long put off. >> reporter: u.s. is advocating a middle ground. austerity measures and plus a job creation package. after the g-8 the president heads to chicago to join more than 50 heads of state at a nato summit. the focus there, plans for winding down the war in
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afghanistan. ahead of those meetings, protestors have been arriving in chicago by the bus load. >> i started off as an anti-war activist. so coming for nato -- you know, with the bigger anti-war thing to protest than nato? >> reporter: chicago police are preparing for the worst. >> will it be a challenge? no doubt. >> reporter: for the president the back-to-back summits are an opportunity to press his election year messages of expanding the economy and ending the war. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> the g-8 meetings will originally scheduled to be held in chicago ahead of the nato summit. but president obama changed the location. the white house says that camp david is a more intimate setting. all right, howard. i want to tell you about a party this weekend. that you might want to attend. it's a yalla party. >> yalaa? >> at the old club at 700 water street southwest. laront. i love saying that name. >> nice man. >> he's my fitness trainer.
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>> good, goody. trainer -- good guy. trainer. >> he's going to be conducting this party. it is so much fun. they're going to be you know free drinks, not alcohol drinks, healthy drinks, musical performances. they say dress to sweat. starts at 6:00. 700 water street. this saturday. be there. >> yeah. a good day for it. good night for it. oh weather is fantastic. i know the allergens are getting you a little bit getting me but other than that it's almost a perfect day. a 9 out of 10. here's a look at the rest of the afternoon. nothing but sunshine jc as temperatures go into the low 07s. we may get 75, 75. the winds north to northeast at about 5 to 15 miles per hour. then tonight chillier down in the 40s and 50s. hey the pirates are in town with the nats. about 71 first pitch. about 7th, 8th inning, temperatures dropping into the upper 60s and maybe a light
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jacket for that and oh, yeah don't figure the sunscreen today, tomorrow, the preakness saturday. the air show. open house at andrews. this time of year sun is pretty strong and you can burn badly if you're not taking care of yourself. just some high clouds in northern neck and southern maryland right now. look at the do you wants, this is a -- dew points, the lower the number the drier the air. the 30s in the dew points almost to d.c.. our dew point is 47 but still kind of muggy in norfolk with the doubts in the 60s. -- dew points in the 60s. but the dry air is going to the south with the norm winds. temperatures up here still only in the 50s in pittsburgh and cleveland. now 70 in d.c. with richmond at 72 andas you look outside on the michael & son weather camera. you don't see anything on the sky. it is gorgeous out there. 70 degrees. wind north northeast at 8. relative humidity that 70s, only 44%. and that barometer is shooting up pretty quickly so you got some aches and pains, it could be the pressure change that
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we're dealing with. we're watching all the moisture off across the carolina coast down in the carolinas in the atlantic. this is the same moisture that earlier in the week was on top of us. monday, tuesday. when we had the 2-inch plus rain rowals. it's -- totals. it's now east of us and it's going to stay east for a few days. the front is pushing through, the dryer air is moving in but early part of next week likely to come back to us. but you know today, quiet. some showers down i-81 to roanoke and down in the carolinas. tonight clear and lighter winds and we could be in the mid 40s in the cold spots to around 54, 55 here in d.c.. and as we head into the day on friday, look at this. it's going to stay great around here. in fact the forecast through the weekend looks really good. so today, 74. tonight about 54 in town but again, some areas will be in the mid 40s if you can tolerate the allergy count being high. open the windows and enjoy it. great tomorrow. 76. beautiful on saturday. 79. for the air show. the preakness. graduation, whatever.
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fantastic, sunday 80 and then next week we reintroduce the chances for some showers and storms. stick around, 9news now at noon returns in just a moment.
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i'm one-on-one today with my favorite county executive. isaiah leggett and we're going talk about this subject one more time. because the montgomery county council has agreed with mr. leggett. and voted yes to a controversial fee for ambulance service. now it was put to the voters. the voters said no.
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you said uh-huh. i'm bringing it back. again. why is this so important to you? >> first of all, when the voters decided we didn't have the conditions that we have today. seasons sequence to that -- subsequent to the vote over the ten year period by the way of teacher pensions. we have a change in the moe law and two other changes as well. my comment to the public basically is this -- given the change of conditions, and the fact that we are now not collected somewhere in the neighborhood of $18 million a year, are you prepared to affirm that in your vote? and my belief is that they are not because conditions have in fact changed and it's fairly clear about those conditions. this is why you saw such an overwhelming vote by the council council yesterday. >> and i think that you believed that voters really didn't understand what this was about. do you have a program in place now to sort of educate them? >> well -- we made some changes to the bill to make certain
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that person understand that -- people understand that you will not get a bill. it will go to your insurance company. people don't realize that most people already pay for the insurance coverage and that's paid for by medicare and medicaid. virtually everyone in the spire region already has this in place. montgomery council is alone in this and people didn't understand that before. i think the bill is better written this time. it's clear about that fact and we see the conditions that i described two years ago. they happened. we had libraries -- hours cut. we had -- going out salary increases. we have reductions across the board. we stated what in fact happened and you combine what has happened at the state level and you see what happens to our budget over the last couple of years and now we have $18 million on the table that we can collect by way of the insurance companies without increasing the premiums notch bills to the people. -- premiums. no bills to the people.
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the question is why not montgomery county? >> you're making a good point. we'll see if it's going to go to the voters and what they're going to do this time. thank you county executive for being with me this time. please be with us at 5:00 and go to for more information and go to every day. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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